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A first of its kind- India’s First Hemp Expo!

Looking for a natural way out for your pain, anxiety, depression or other chronic conditions? Are you tired of prescription medicines that don’t work as they should? Here we are, Indian Hempire, a health and wellness brand which is environmentally responsible, socially inclusive, and economically equitable to health.

We were absolutely thrilled to be a part of India’ first Hemp Expo. The event had some brilliant exhibitors participating. Among st them, we are deeply pleased and honoured to receive the best ‘Start-up of the Year’ award.

The event was held at the Leela Ambience Convention Hotel in Delhi, from 13th to 14th May, 2022. With 5000+ visitors, 30+ exhibitors, and many eminent speakers, this was the first ever B2B event of its kind in the country to spur the growth of cannabis industry.

It was jointly organised by, the largest platform for Ayurvedic doctors and, the leading platform for Medical cannabis.

The pursuit of wellness has always been desired and the India Hemp Expo was an excellent platform for us to launch our full spectrum CBD Oils which includes a range for women wellness, muscles recovery, de-addiction, mental and brain health, arthritis and chronic pain relief, just to name a few.

Hemp, a long sustaining miracle plant forms the base of our daily well- being range.

Our Products are Non-GMO, cruelty free, chemical and preservative free which helps to ooze your stress.

When a single ingredient can create so much roar you know it’s worth a try! Our Hemp & Blueberry, Hemp and Lavender lip balm are worth incorporating in your skin care. Looking to boost skin hydration then try our Charcoal and Moringa hemp soap.

We realised that to eradicate the harmful effects of carbon footprints, we need to implement a holistic approach to create a pollution-free, toxic-free, and ecologically sustainable culture and lifestyle, and hence our packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

We envisage a highly sustainable future where we can develop a more reciprocal relationship with the earth. Leading us in this pursuit , is Hemp is the centuries old wonder crop that has many versatile uses across industries and the potential to solve many of the problems that we face today.

The cannabis industry is growing, expanding, and becoming more active. The legalisation of this miracle plant has created a positive boom of Cannabis products within the market, leaving a positive mark within the economy. Such events will only provide an opportunity to share ideas, experiences, and challenges. Moreover, it will offer solutions to the problems people are facing in the industry.

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