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Hemp vs COVID 19

Hemp is a plant that has been doing the rounds of the internet for many years now. With many entrepreneurs and enthusiasts entering this space with multiple Hemp based products, this particular plant is strongly getting normalised, even in the Indian markets.

However, past couple of years have been a slowdown phase for most of the industries as the deadly COVID 19 gripped its fangs on us. But, one breakthrough that this time has seen is in the world of Hemp!

What is the big story?

Researchers have found that Hemp is one of those rare plants that come with certain elements that can even keep the COVID at bay! Now, isn’t that enthralling?

This research was done by Richard van Breemen and a team of scientists from Oregon State University. They successfully found that compounds commonly found in hemp (Cannabis), called cannabigerolic acid, can bind to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in such a way that it block an essential step in the process by which the virus infects humans.

The Hemp Mechanism

Well, to put it in scientific words, Hemp comes with active compounds that are acidic in nature. Known as cannabidiolic acid, this is the hero component that keeps the virus from affecting you adversely as it prevents its duplication. However, there are flip sides of these too!

You simply can’t witness this miracle by oral administration of Hemp. This is a science and its effect can only be observed through scientifically developed instruments that can be administered in controlled circumstances.

Is it a medicine or a preventive measure?

Definitely not a medicine, Hemp is the one that can take the spot of being a preventive measure. The CBD acts as a blocking tool that stops the entry of the virus to the host cells thereby impeding it from its natural action of destroying the cell.

So long story cut, apart from being anti-carcinogenic in nature and playing a strong role in disease prevention and age reversal, Hemp is also seeing its part into the world of COVID. This is where the importance of growing the awareness around how Hemp as a plant and how Hemp based products can make a strong difference into our life, should be encouraged.

This encouragement should be met with normalising the usage of Hemp based products and educating people with the benefits of the same.

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