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How branded promotional lip balms can work for your business.

Lip balms are the perfect freebies for everyone! Customers love customized lip balms to keep their lips moisturized. So give them the lip balm that stays by their side!

Promotional lip balms are your savior for all your events! Want your customers to have your promotional item that is used daily? lip balms are your best option!

With your one true powerful marketing device on your side, you'll be able to increase your business's exposure without having to use extensive ways of promotion. Using your promotional lip balm packs at any sort of event from exhibitions to parties it is universal.

Here’s how you can use promotional lip balms for:

Expo & Trade Shows

Expos and trade shows often involve random giveaways and items that are useful occasionally. Make an exception to that trend with your promotional lip balm. Your target audience can easily be targeted and will find value in this useful gift. Since they will immediately begin using the item, making an experiential memory for your targeted audience that will be highlighted in their minds. It also makes you an exceptional booth at a large event where it’s tough to stand out.

Networking Events

We all have been in a situation where we’re halfway through an event and need lip balm or a mint. Offering friends and new connections a branded lip balm is the kindest thing to hand them instead of a business card. Print the contact number, website details, and email address on the label & viola; it serves as a business card and people can keep it for months.

Front Counters

Every other business has brochures, menus, or business cards at the counter but those things don’t strike the customer, they are a hassle to carry around or even pick up. More often than not they get thrown away right after. Instead, have your information available on useful items like a lip balm to actually be used by customers! This helps to recall your brand while keeping their lips hydrated!

Goodie Bags

Of course, this had to make into the list. Are you preparing for a professional gathering or event? Have a party coming up that requires favor bags? If yes, promotional lip balms are a great option as a bag filler. The affordable price often makes it a useful item perfect for exchanges and goodies.

Increase Engagement With Promotional Lip Balm

At a speaker engagement event, you always need an easy-to-toss reward for answering questions. Promotional lip balms are the perfect giveaway item at any function, but they’re actually easy to toss right?

Look through our selection of lip balms. Shop here!

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